Why I choose Hashnode to build my technical blog?為什麼我會用 Hashnode 建立我的技術部落格?

Why write a technical blog?為什麼要寫技術部落格?

Previously, whenever I learned new technology or encountered difficulties at work, I would search for solutions online and record them in Notion for my personal reference. I thought it would be a good idea to share my solutions on a blog to help others who might need them. After all, most of the things I learned came from the internet.

之前學新的技術或是工作上遇到困難都是從網路上找到解法再用 Notion 記錄下來而已。但覺得如果寫在部落格上幫助其他剛好需要的人好像也不錯!因為我學的東西幾乎也都是網路上來的。

Choosing a platform平台選擇

I did some research and found that there are many options for platforms to write technical blogs, such as hexo, 11ty, WordPress, Google Blogger, Medium, and more. I had two requirements: the ability to write in Markdown, and the ability to write anytime, anywhere on different devices. Therefore, I narrowed down my choices to WordPress, Google Blogger, and Medium.

接著查了一下有蠻多在比較選擇用什麼平台寫技術部落格,其實蠻多選項的,看要自己架設或是用現成的平台,例如:hexo, 11ty, Wordpress, Google blogger, Medium 等等

我的需求有兩個,一個是要可以用 Markdown 編寫,一個是要可以是隨時隨地我用不同電腦電腦就寫一些東西,那就是要往 Wordress, Google Blogger, Medium 這方向去看:

  1. WordPress: Seemed a bit overkill for my needs.
    感覺大才小用 XD

  2. Google Blogger: Difficult to use with Markdown, and required some setup.
    要用 Markdown 很麻煩,還要設定一些東西

  3. Medium: Not ideal for including a lot of code

Why I chose Hashnode?為什麼最後用了 Hashnode?

After reading this article about Hashnode - 軟體工程師專屬的部落格社群, I discovered a platform called Hashnode and found that I liked it. Some of the reasons I liked it were:

就看了這篇 Hashnode - 軟體工程師專屬的部落格社群 文章,發現原來國外有個叫做 Hashnode 的平台,看了之後覺得超喜歡的,喜歡的點大概是下面這些。

  1. The writing interface is user-friendly and supports Markdown.
    寫文章的介面很舒服而且還可以用 Markdown

  2. You can use your own domain name.

  3. Articles can be categorized based on different topics.

  4. You can backup your articles to your github repository
    可以備份到 Github

  5. users can subscribe your articles

  6. Analytics are available.
    有 Analytics 可以看

  7. SEO functionality is provided.
    有 SEO 功能

  8. The community seems very engaged.

  9. it even has an automatic grammar correction feature

  10. Overall, I was excited to find Hashnode and decided to promote it to my friends!
    總之,看到 Hashnode 好像挖到寶了,超興奮的,chat我決定努力推廣給身邊朋友!

What will I write about?我要寫什麼?

I am a backend Node.js developer, and my job mainly involves working with PMs and frontend developers to decide what APIs to build, how to design database tables, and how to optimize indexes.
I plan to document my learning process on the following topics and share them with others while keeping myself accountable:

我是寫 Node.js 的後端工程師,平常工作主要是跟 PM 還有 Frontend 確認需求以後決定要開什麼 API, DB Table 怎麼開, Index 怎麼優化,接下來會想要紀錄學習以下這幾個主題的過程,分享給大家也督促自己學習。

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03: Our company is currently using many AWS services such as CloudFront, Lambda, ECS, EC2, Loadbalancer, Cloudwatch, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, Route53, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, Athena. However, I only know how to use them without a deep understanding. Therefore, I feel the need to quickly fill this knowledge gap.
    現在公司用了很多 AWS 的服務像是 CloudFront, Lambda, ECS, EC2, Loadbalancer, Cloudwatch, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, Route53, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, Athena,但其實都只是會用而已並沒有到非常懂,所以覺得要趕快把這個補起來。

  2. Leetcode: I haven't done much of it in the past year, so I want to get back into the habit.
    過去一年很少刷 Leetcode,該保持好習慣了

  3. Creating my own npm package: I have always been curious about how others create npm packages but haven't taken the time to learn.
    製作自己的 npm 包: 一直想知道別人 npm 包都怎麼做的,但一直沒去執行 XD

  4. Typescript: I used to work with Angular and was familiar with Typescript, but my current company only uses JS, so I need to refresh my knowledge.
    其實有寫過 Angular,那時候對 Typescript 還算熟,但現在公司都只用 JS,所以 Typescript 有點生疏了必須熟悉一下。

  5. Docker: To deploy to AWS ECS and AWS Lambda, I need to use Docker, but to be honest, I only know how to use it and don't have a very deep understanding of it.要部署到 AWS ECS, AWS Lambda 都要用到 Docker,但說實在我也只是會用而已,還不到很深入的了解。

  6. Linux: I find people who are really good at Linux super cool, so I want to learn!
    有時候覺得很會 Linux 的人超帥的,所以我要學!

Will I write in English or Chinese?之後我會用英文還中文寫文章?

Initially, I plan to write mostly in Chinese to cultivate the habit of writing. Although I can write in English, it takes me more time. Sorry to the foreign friends who may not understand my posts at first.
Maybe there is no readers at all, haha!

為了避免放棄寫作,我初期先用中文培養寫作的習慣好了,外國朋友們抱歉了 XD